Get clarity &

Get things going

And start before you feel ready...


You are a coach and:


  • are ready to take your coaching business to the next level. have an idea of what you want to create or set up but don't know where to start.

  • are thinking of creating your first group coaching program or online course and get overwhelmed by everything that you think needs to be done. 


  • want to take the leap towards paid coaching but at the same time don't quite feel ready to do so.


  • think you need more credentials and courses before you can start charging for your coaching.


  • get overwhelmed or distracted by everything you think you need before you are ready to start. (Like a website, complete clarity, or no fear.)



 For all of this I believe there is just one solution: Simply Start.  And…. Simple does not mean that it is easy. 


Let's get clarity and things going! How?

Clara Hahn, Coach (Berlin) about our work together


  • We will get clear on what you want create, we get to the essence of it and find that ‘aha’ moment.

  • We define where you want to be in 3 or 6 months. I help you to dream just that little big bigger than you can yourself. We set a realistic AND daring goal.

  • You have a new sense of clarity and your next steps toward that small or big dream of yours.

  • Then we make sure we keep the energy and spirit high and the momentum going. and your next steps towards that. Starting and moving is fun!

  • We define the next step and the next step and the next step…

  • I assure you I will be your accountability partner. And your biggest cheerleader.

Coach Clara Hahn about our work together.

What coach Clara (Berlin) says.

For who?


  • You are a coach and  feel dedicated and committed to take your coaching journey to the next step.

  • You might not FEEL ready but won’t let that stop you. You know you actually are ready to coach (more) people professionally and paid.

  • You invested already quite some time and money in your personal and professional development as a coach and just need some help to get you out there. 

  • You understand why waiting until you have enough confidence is not the most effective strategy. Your confidence will grow as you start moving.

  • You are willing to have me, who is fully committed to you reaching your goals and dreams, as an accountability partner by your side.


Manon helped me set up my business as a coach. She understood me quickly, but also gave her own input and color to it. The whole time we worked together I had the energy to deliver the content and input that was needed. Time pressure helped but also her positive energy. She has a talent for writing and knew how to make my content more attractive. Also her expertise helped me a lot. How do you put yourself out there? She really helped me with that. I am really happy with the result. In such a short time period of time! I appreciate her positivity, non-judgemental attitude and speed

Lieke van Bers (Coach, Amsterdam)

Manon manages to hold complexity, facilitate structure, and is innovative. I enjoy working with her. Always productive and still somehow relaxed.

Clara Hahn (Coach Berlin)

For the first time things do not feel like a 'must-do' or a Mount-Everest of tasks! Now I am looking forward to it.

Laviana Frantzen (Coach Amsterdam) (


Getting things going & done   


I prefer to work together for at least 3 months. Over a minimum of 3 months:

  1. We will first get absolute clarity on your coaching dream and the results you want from working together, like:​

    • (Your first) paying clients​.

    • Your online program launched.

    • Your first group coaching program launched.

    • Not only coaching as a side gig but 'changing people's life's' as your full time profession.

    • Only working with the clients that give you the most energy. And that just feel 'right'.


  2. Then will get clarity on what is holding you back ...

    • You think you need more knowledge or skills first, you don't feel ready...

    • You need more clarity on your offers and audience.

    • You simply don't know where to start.....

  3. And the actions to take to get there...., like:

    • A valid businessmodel. 
    • Reaching out to your network about your offers.
    • Clear coaching profile and your offers.
    • A clear (online) presence as a coach and clarity on your ideal client and offers.
    • A clear idea on what makes you unique as a coach.


  • Bi-weekly sessions (Zoom)

  • In between we stay connected through e-mail/WhatsApp/phone. 

  • Actionable productive steps. I will hold you accountable through the whole proces.

  • Practical advice like website building and design, web-copy/social media, tools to use and more.


No overwhelm but actionable productive steps. I will hold you accountable through the whole proces.

I offer sessions in Dutch and English. 


Let's get clarity and let's get things going for you!

Kickstart - For those that just need a kick in the butt to get going with a clear goal in mind.

A couple of sessions in which we dive deep and get clarity on what you want to achieve and what your next steps will be.

After the sessions you will not only have more clarity but you will be steps further towards that coaching dream of yours.

We will have contact in between sessions based on your needs through e-mail or WhatsApp. To bounce things off with me, for me to check in on your goals, to share valuable insides/articles/things I believe you should read or do.