Stop overthinking it.

Simply Start with me.


No, you don't need another training to start or grow your business. You also do not need to have everything figured out before you take that next leap, like launching your first group coaching program or doing an online course. All you need is to start moving. 

How I help? I'm highly intuitive but also have a strong entrepreneurial and pragmatic mind. If you allow me then we can create magic together! 


  • Do you simply not know where and how to start?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by all you THINK you need to do?

  • Do you think you need more credentials and courses before you feel confident enough? 

  • Are you doing what the experts are telling you to do but it’s just not working for you?

  • Do you feel you are listening to other peoples advice more than your own knowing?

  • Do you know you have a gift to share with the world but something is holding you back?


 For all of this I believe there is just one solution: Simply Start. Simple does not mean that it is easy.  It does mean it can still be fun! I'll make sure of that.

What coach Clara (Berlin) says.


When you are looking to start on your own as a coach, wouldn't it be great to work with a partner who can:

  • Inspire and empower you to overcome challenges and roadblocks

  • Offer advice based on solid knowledge and rich experience

  • Generously share connections and resources

  • Gently but firmly hold you accountable for your actions

  • Always be available when you need someone to talk to


Manon is everything mentioned above and so much more! During my 3 months engagement with her, we exceeded the ambitious goals I set. I am grateful for her authentic and empathetic presence and would highly recommend her 1:1 mentoring program and Simply Start to all coaches looking for someone to support you.

Yoshi Hashimoto (CPCC Coach, The Netherlands)

For who?


  • You feel dedicated and committed to taking it to the next level.

  • You might not FEEL ready but won’t let that stop you. You know you actually are ready to coach (more) people professionally and paid.

  • You invested already quite some time and money in your personal and professional development as a coach and just need some help to get you out there. ​

  • You understand why waiting until you have enough confidence is not the most effective strategy. Your confidence will grow as you start moving.

  • You are willing to have me, who is fully committed to you reaching your goals and dreams, as an accountability partner by your side.


Manon manages to hold complexity, facilitate structure, and is innovative. I enjoy working with her. Always productive and still somehow relaxed.

Clara Hahn (Coach Berlin)

Manon is a wonderful business coach who was able to create movement there where I experienced ‘stuckness’ and ‘messiness’. She has a power to sense and explore what’s needed at any given moment which empowers me and creates bigger opportunities. I enjoy her pragmatism and powerful questions together with useful tips and advices. She supports on a more strategic level to define my business together with the pragmatic support with regards to texts and articulate what I actually want to say. I love her empathic combined with a pragmatic approach which really brings me and my business further!

Angelique van Eeuwen-Bos (Certified Co-Active Coach)

Manon is an extraordinary coach and Person. I’ve been part of her community and had a few calls in which she helped me to get very clear on my message as a coach + I got super inspired! She’s a very generous and sincere person. When you choose to work with her I think there’s no way you can bullshit her (which is a good thing, trust me). Her intuition is spot on and she often finds the right words to really hit the nail on the head whatever your situation. Her sense for what a room or person needs and her ability to provide whatever it is, is a one of a kind talent. She can be fully engaged but leave space for everyone else to feel seen and important at the same time. If you’re looking for that extra spark of aliveness and inspiration in your business or community don’t hesitate to reach out to her! You will not regret it. 

Jenny Felicitas Barz  (CPCC, PCC) 

How we can work together.

Option 1
Clarity and Action Session
90 minutes - 260 euros

We don’t need to work together for 3 months to move you forward. We can simply start with 90 minutes of Clarity and Action.
After this session, you can decide if and how you want to take it further.



Option 2

Flexible on-demand business mentoring
4 hours 700 euros / 8 hours 1260 euros

You can use these hours however you want. For example:

• Hourly sessions.

• Talk to me for 20 minutes to get clarity and action / brainstorm / advise on a specific question (zoom/phone/WhatsApp).

• Support with copy.

• Ask me for quick feedback on content/ message/ anything you would like. I can give a lot of feedback in a short time.

I advise we start off with a 60-minute kick-off session in which we create clarity on: goals, business-model, strategy for reaching clients and building network/ clear coaching profile and offers/ clear online presence.

Option 3

3 months of Clarity and Action

1590 euros

We get clarity on your goals and your why, what might be holding your back and the results you want from working together.​ 

We define to way to get there:

  • A valid businessmodel. 
  • Reaching your clients in a way that works for you.
  • What do you need to own your skills in a way that puts you out there with confidence. 
  • Clear coaching profile and your offers.
  • A clear (online) presence and strategy


  • Bi-weekly sessions (Zoom or Phone)

  • In between, we stay connected through e-mail/WhatsApp/phone. 

  • Actionable productive steps. I will hold you accountable throughout the whole process.

  • Practical advice like website building and design, web-copy/social media, tools to use and more.

  • Feedback on everything you are working on in between sessions.

  • Access to the Simply Start member community for extra support and monthly coaching demos!

  • By making things simple...


No overwhelm but actionable productive steps. I will hold you accountable throughout the whole process.


(I offer sessions in Dutch and English.)



Manon helped me set up my business as a coach. She understood me quickly, but also gave her own input and color to it. The whole time we worked together I had the energy to deliver the content and input that was needed. Time pressure helped but also her positive energy. She has a talent for writing and knew how to make my content more attractive. Also her expertise helped me a lot. How do you put yourself out there? She really helped me with that. I am really happy with the result. In such a short time period of time! I appreciate her positivity, non-judgemental attitude and speed

Lieke van Bers (Coach, Amsterdam) 

Manon manages to hold complexity, facilitate structure, and is innovative. I enjoy working with her. Always productive and still somehow relaxed.

Clara Hahn (Coach Berlin)

For the first time things do not feel like a 'must-do' or a Mount-Everest of tasks! Now I am looking forward to it.

Laviana Frantzen (Coach Amsterdam) (