Join the Simply Start member community

A few months ago the idea of creating a lively, authentic and engaging community of coaches who learn together started to come alive. A place to learn from experienced coaches and mentors; to not only become the best possible coach, but also to learn the business-side of things. The better we are at setting up and growing a business the more people we can reach and help.

Every single time we gather the energy is great...!


I have been connecting with you all in groups and 1-on-1 to find out what is alive. I am so grateful for what is growing and look forward to taking this further.


"Collaborative, Pragmatic, Approachable, Authentic, easy and fun to work with, walks-the-talk of Simply Start. That is how I describe Manon.


I first met Manon when she posted on LinkedIn about starting a Coaching Circle. Purpose was to allow coaches to practice with other coaches. I signed up and after learning more, I had a few suggestions that I thought would make it even better and reach more coaches. She was so open-minded and took the feedback, incorporated it into the second Coaching Circle that is now up and running successfully with a third one on the way. She just did it – as her business says – Simply Start, gather feedback, incorporate, improve, repeat. 


She sincerely loves to enable Coaches through collaboration, connecting people, providing resources (articles, her weekly newsletter, classes, practical tools like the Coaching Circle), or just an ear to bounce an idea off of. She is a delight to work with! " (Becki Donley, one of the founding members!)

It's time to take it further!


It is time to provide more sustainable value to this growing community by creating a Community Member Program. More networking, community building and learning together from great experts and mentor coaches who are not only willing to share their learnings but are also the living proof of their own work.

Special offer for founding members

With the input from the community an offer is created.  At the same time I see this community as evolving and being created together as we go. To kick this off a membership community will start in June.


The coaches and teachers that were part of Simply Start from the beginning and the coaches that will join this membership from the start are the whole reason Simply Start got to come alive! It is so important to be surrounded by a few people that just jump in with you from the start.


Coaches that decide to join this from the start, from June on I want to give a special 'founding members offer'

In the next couple of months we will create together a community that supports us in the best possible way. And the founding members will pay a special price.


The offer from June onwards:


  • Monthly live coaching demo with and experienced coach.  Reflection together afterwards. Replays will always and only stay available for members.

    So that you can deepen your (understanding of) coaching skills by watching and reflecting on seeing other coaches coach.


  • Private facebook community group to foster more connection and sharing. With live sessions around business related topics. No facebook? You will still have access to the recordings of the videos.


  • Monthly virtual office hour. In which you can ask me and the community anything.


    So that interaction beyond our online live gatherings can we stimulated. There is such a wealth of knowledge available, and      in my experience we are all very keen on helping each other grow! And I love nothing more then helping you get in that            Simply start state of mind:)


  • Discount to future paid programs and offers like coaching circles, mentor programs, challenges and more.

Intro price

23 euros a month, as the community and value grows the price will probably grow.


Founding members price for coaches joining before JUNE 8

17 euros per month for a whole year. (You can always end your membership before the year ends if you feel you are not gaining value!).

Also your input on what, how and when we will learn is very much valued and will be used to further develop this community and membership.

If, after two months you decide this is not for you after all you will simply get your money back!

Fill in to join as founding member!