Is free coaching ever worth it?

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

One of the most frequently asked question is 'How much should I charge?'. There are coaches out there who have an hourly rate of $80,  $200 and $500 or sell 6-month packages for $2,000, $5,0,00 and $10,000. Nobody can tell you what the right pricing choice is for you.

There is a big difference in how coaches start. Some coaches start out by undercharging or charging nothing at all. But most of the time even if you’re just starting out, undercharging doesn’t really honour you or your client. I don't say never offer free sessions but I always advice to be smart and strategic about it.  Every time I pushed coaches to start charging, or taking the first step towards charging it felt uncomfortable but they where always happy they did. It's often a pivotal moment.

It's also a psychological thing: People who pay a good sum are more likely to show up fully and stay committed to your coaching. Money can be a tool for transformation and it’s an invitation for your clients to show up fully. If they’re invested mentally and financially, they’ll show up. Honouring yourself and your time is an invitation for your clients to do the same. And what you put out is what you’ll get back – so think about who you want to attract.

So when and how to offer free coaching?

  • If it is not money ask for something else in return. For instance reviews and referrals. (Given they will be happy with the result!)

  • Giving away a free session is less time constraining than giving away a 3 month trajectory.

  • When you give away something to someone for free be sure to be clear about the actual value: 'Normally my hourly rate is 100 USD but I want to give you a sessions for free in exchange for...')

  • If you do not feel ready to start asking your full price yet start with half price. It feels already so much different receiving half in stead of receiving nothing. It will make you get used to receiving money for your services. And again: be clear about the real value of what you are offering.

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