Intake forms (for your chemistry session)

The intake form that is meant here is used before the official coaching engagement starts. It is a form you ask potential clients to fill in before a free consultation/ chemistry call. So not a form you use before a discovery session, the first session of the long term coaching engagement. We will create a separate template for that. ---- Why would you let potential clients fill in an intake form? I asked several coaches about their experience with it. Reasons why they work well are:

  • Potential clients already start with some self reflection on things they might want to work on. People who want change appreciate this!

  • People who take some effort like this are most likely invested in change.

  • You can see if they are a serious potential clients (this is helpful when you tend to have a lot of intake calls with people that turn out to be not real or serious prospects)

  • You start the conversations already knowing a little bit about them, which helps you.

  • It looks professional.

  • It makes it clear that you are both using the call to figure out if you are a match.

Questions you can ask in your intake form are: 1. How did you hear about me? 2. What are (3) goals you'd like to achieve in the next 12 months? 3. What's your biggest challenge right now? 5. How serious are you about making a change? 6. Are you interested in 1-1 coaching or group coaching?

7. Are you ready to invest time and money in the desired change? 8. Anything else you want me to know about you before we talk?

How to use it? You want to make things as easy as possible.

1. If you use a scheduling tool like Calendly or Acuity: You can add questions that people are required to answer when scheduling a call. In these 2 tools a questionnaire is built in, so that’s easy!

2. If you don’t use a scheduling tool but have a website:

Create a questionnaire using google forms or typeform. On your website link the 'contact’ button to the questionnaire. So people fill in the questionnaire first. In the questionnaire you ask them their name/contact details and how to best connect with

them and when they send the questionnaire you have all the information you need to

contact them to book a call.

3. If you do not have a scheduling tool and / or website: You schedule a session together and then send them the questionnaire so they can send it back before the call. But this is a bit of manual work both for you as well as for them.

Whatever you do make it simple for the both of you!

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