How they did it: Miguel Baumann

Updated: Feb 28

I had a chat with Miguel Baumann. I noticed him on LinkedIn because of his connection to a couple of coaches I previously interviewed. It was his diverse background, being an entrepreneur combined with several (management) roles in the corporate world and the start of his coaching journey in 2016 that made me curious to learn more about him and his view on coaching.

Do you remember the first moment you thought ’hey this coaching thing is something I enjoy’?

From the moment I experienced coaching being a client, I noticed something magical happening, a connection.

After about 2 years into my journey as a coach there was a moment when I realized I was good at it AND also there was so much to learn. It was a beautiful moment of balance. From that moment my self development journey never stopped, talking to people, staying engaged with other coaches, building my website, reaching out and learning.

There is quite an overwhelm in coaching courses if you ask me. Which one did you choose and how did you find it?

I did a Co-Active coaching course. I did some research and mostly trusted my gut. I also talked to many people and this was the only course everyone was enthusiastic about.I decided to start with the fundamentals course and see from there. I took time to develop and listen to myself, is this really what I want to do?

I did not lose interest, it actually kept on growing, I realized I could be myself. That I could use all of me. In coaching you can use your intuition and emotional connection. I could be more myself than ever before. It actually is a continued discovery.

Did you decide to get certified?

Yes after finishing all the modules you can choose to get certified, which is a process of . 6 months virtual. I came to a point where I realized I was so excited about coaching and I wanted to take it further and certification was part of taking myself and the coaching profession serious.

I wanted to take it from a hobby/ something I enjoy to a profession and a craft and want to get good and better at it

The biggest change it brought was that during the course you learn and know a lot but during the certification process you practice, over and over. It becomes more natural. You incorporate.

Part of the certification process` is that you start charging right?

The program forces you to charge. The first time I thought ‘I like this so much why should people pay me for something I enjoy so much’ ? Like being paid for going to the movies.

So, in the beginning, I would apologize for having to charge because I was not yet perfect.

I found a playful approach. I started bywith charging 5 euros, which is in hindsight funny because I brought a lot of value already then.

Yes, you record sessions and listen to it with an experienced coach and get feedback. Before these feedback sessions, I could not even sleep. It was so scary!

And every time I got a new client, I charged a bit more.

I had a client once say that it was too expensive and I asked myself am I comfortable with charging less? The process of charging is interesting. A lot of aspects come together and you learn about how you value yourself, your work and then impact I have.

Interestingly enough that specific client came later back to me when he had less of an experience with another coach. So looking back that was a good experience to go through being aware of my own value and my rate - although this process is not an easy one

Miguel reaches out: if any coach struggling with this process of charging: you can reach out to him, he will support & challenge you you on this process.

You are a coach for entrepreneurs, was that always clear that was your audience?

My current focus is less on title but more on their development stage as first time leaders. That all of a sudden you have to manage a team, people are looking to you for guidance and clarity.

I started with coaching everyone, to see what I like. The whole range. That gave me a lot and a varied experience.

How do you find clients?

I know many coaches struggle with online. But I get about 30% from referrals from friends and clients and 70% find me online, they send me a message on linkedin or directly book an intake session online with me..

You are going to start focusing fulltime starting January?

YES! exciting and scary at the same time!

The decision has been made long ago actually, like 18 months ago. But honestly, I did not dare to leave my job yet.

And also afraid of being alone a lot. Being isolated. But now I have so many ideas and people I want to work with. So I am totally not afraid off that anymore.

How do you coach face to face or online?

80% in person, I prefer that because I use the space around me a lot to explore different perspectives when my clients get stuck. But I also offer online as it jsut works as well.

Are you Active on social media?

Right now in the middle of the experiment and I hired someone to accelerate that. It is scary to put myself out there but I realize am the product I am selling. Being Swiss and grown up in modest family I am not used to putting myself out there. It is part of my journey of owning myself and all the aspects that come with it. I am always curious and open to experimenting. This is part of that.

The goal is that people get to know me before they reach out to me.

What is the one thing you advise aspiring coaches/ something you wish you knew?

Do not underestimate the business aspect. You can take on the journey as a personal development journey which is great in itself. But be aware that there is a business and sales aspect if you want to become a coach professionally. That will take time and especially finding your own way to get clients without selling your sould is not an easy one.

Get a coach, you are constantly confronted with yourself and your insecurities when coaching others as well, coaching others accelerates your own growth and its sometimes tough. Take note of what comes up and afterwards look at them, work through them.

And the biggest one BE YOURSELF

Sometimes you feel like you have to fit in a box, during your coaching course, which is fine during it as you learn skills, and afterwards get out and be yourself. That is the moment to go from practicing coaching to being a coach.