Asking the experts: The power of LinkedIn for coaches

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

I had a chat with Petra Fisher. According to her LinkedIn headline ‘she can help global entrepreneurs attract clients.’ And she happens to have worked with quite some coaches.

I see that LinkedIn is still an underestimated platform to connect with potential clients and to make yourself visible (in a genuine way). So I decided to ask Petra for some tips and tricks specifically for coaches.

According to Petra LinkedIn is all about profiling and positioning yourself. When someone is looking for a coach, personality is the most important thing. As a coach you need to let that shine through: your style (casual / formal), values, personality etc.

In this article 2 times 5 tips!

First: The basics. I know people who have not touched LinkedIn since 2007. Where do you start? Petra says:

1. People have a short attention span. Grab their attention with your Banner (make it reflect you), Headline (be clear and specific) and a professional Headshot.

2. About: Make it first about ‘them’, your clients. Be clear who you help and with what and add a clear call to action.

3. Work experience: Most important mistake I see is not having a company page. If you have your own coaching business and do not have a company page, there is no logo added to your work experience section. It looks much more professional if it shows a logo. When there is only grey square is does not look like a real company. Your company page does not need to be an active page. & If you do separate things, list them as separate jobs (for instance you are a trainer, coach, consultant).

4. Rewrite your past experience so it is linked to what people and companies find important for your coaching business now. Connect and make what you did in the past relevant for people you want to work for now.

5. Recommendations and endorsements are important! It is very powerful if it is not only you talking about you. When you ask for a recommendation be specific. For instance instead of someone telling a story of how and where you worked together ask them to start with the result/outcome. Or ask them to recommend the way you work, personality etc. Be specific.

So, I have my profile setup, now what? How do I connect with potential clients?

How do I get noticed? Petra says:

1. Go the authentic, organic way: this is not a quick fix, but if you consistently show up and post content that adds value, represents you and engages others people will start noticing you. Do that consistently. I get referrals through LinkedIn, not even from people that already worked with me but people who notice my content and recommend me to other people.

2. Dare to be specific and picky about who you work for and what you do! Especially as a coach this is very important. It saves a lot of time if you are not approached by people that are not your ideal clients.

3. You have valuable things to share, don’t underestimate that. Scared to share your own content? Look for existing content and share that with a personal note.

4. Use Hashtags in a smart way: Google is starting to index your posts so even your LinkedIn Posts can pop up in Google search. I advise to come up with 1 unique hashtag, the one you always use and two related to the post. Do not use #coaching: that is quite meaningless as it is too broad.

5. Focus on building genuine relationships and engagement. LinkedIn helps you with that by giving you notifications for instance when someone has a new job, promotion or birthday. Use that! Did you find someone you would like to work for? First engage and show interest, see how you can help them. Start commenting on their posts. After a while, you can invite them to connect, stating how much you have been enjoying their posts on xyz. When you invite someone to connect, always send a personal message to let them know why you want to connect. This seems obvious but many people still send connection request without a personal note.

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