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"After lots of overthinking I realised there was only one solution to my  overthinking: simply starting. The entrepreneurial journey has been and still is my biggest life and learning school. If you want to meet the imposters in your head, start your own business! I created Simply Start because I want to create an inspiring, fun and 'real' place where you can find inspiration, connect with wonderful coaches from all over the world  so you can own your (coaching) powers every day a little bit more and build a sustainable business."

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Be like a butcher.


A recurring topic, in the monthly member community office hours, this week in a group chat on creating your website or in 1-on-1 sessions: Money and Charging for your services. 


I just read something in Rebecca Campbell’s book Rise Sister Rise about this. It also touches on the topic of self-care:


“If you are living a life in alignment and devoted to being of service then the gifts that you share are priceless. Don’t think that just because you would do them for free, you should. If you are called to spend your life offering up these gifts, you deserve to be rewarded for them. [...]

Most artists, intuitives, healers, mystics, lightworkers etc go through a stage of feeling uncomfortable about asking for payment for what they love doing. However, if we are going to serve as many people as possible, we need to be able to look after ourselves and thrive. If we don’t give ourselves the nourishment we need in order to do the work in a sustainable way we are cheating those we are here to serve.



When I first started my business I was struggling at the concept of asking my clients who were in personal crisis to pay me. I  had no boundaries, answering e-mails late at night and giving more of my time than agreed, I’ll never forget the advice my teacher Sonia gave me. ‘Be like a butcher’:


If someone buys six sausages from a butcher they don’t give you eight; they don’t give their sausages away for free or at a discounted price, they don't answer emails at 10 pm at night, they don’t spend hours questioning whether they are good enough; they just show up and sell their sausages like a normal person shows up to work. Because that’s their job, they are a butcher. Show up, do your job to the best of your ability and cut off when you clock off  so that you can do it again the next day. Simple.”


(Recommended to read: Rise Sister Rise, A Guide to Unleashing the Wise, Wild Woman Within - Rebecca Campbell


"Be like a postage stamp - stick to one thing until you get there"

- Josh Billings


What I wish they told me.. Coach Amber Rahim


When I started my coaching journey I was so focused on learning the skills of coaching, as most of us are, that I didn’t pay attention to the key skill for developing a thriving business: sales.


I sincerely wish I had been told three things.


1. Invest a good chunk of money into good quality sales training. 

Only a small portion of the population knows what coaching is - and most of them are coaches. Most of your ideal clients don’t even know about coaching and how it can help them. They will have a lot of obstacles for why it’s not for them, why they can’t afford it, why now is not a good time, why doing something else will be better.


Our first job as their coach, even before we are hired, is to help them with those obstacles: not to negate them and convince them they need coaching. But to engage with them and reveal, to them and us, what’s really going on here, what’s at stake, what they really, deeply want. And then if it’s not coaching, send them on their way with a useful referral. 

But if it is something you can help them with, then they will have to clarity to see it.

 No hard sell required.


2. The following kind of statement won’t ever get you a single client: 

I’ll help you create a more fulfilling life 

Find your passion and your purpose 



While we coaches know what that means, our clients don’t. They want to know about which specific problem we help them with.

And I know we can help them with almost any problem - because we don’t have the answers, they do - but it doesn’t help us connect.


3. Experiment

This coaching journey, it’s a work in progress. There is not time frame for when you will “get it all right”. You will learn as you go, you’ll make mistakes. You’ll figure things out over time. 

But if you want to increase your success, double your rate of failure.


Play, Try stuff out. Experiment. You’ll make lots of mistakes, and each one will teach you something valuable, and your next attempt will be better. 

You don’t need to have it figured out on day one. 

But the next time you are tempted to go for another coach training course, check: have I learned the other skills I need to actually have people work with me (in the volume I want)?


I have my eye on the Leadership Circle Profile, it looks like a really powerful tool. But, I want more clients right now, and that certification isn’t going to help me. After 8 years, my why has become fuzzy. 

So I just booked a Discover Your Why session with the Simon Sinek org so I can reconnect and most importantly, articulate it. This will help me in my business development process.


I need help, so I found it.

Simply Starting knows no age.


Their first clients...

"The Apple store. I was looking at new computers and the woman helping me and I got into a conversation which lead to me coaching her." - Christine Fontana