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Every coach needs a coach! We have all heard that one. And it is true! All the coaches on Simply Start Manon has worked with personally. As her coach, as a teacher or in any other form. They are all the living proof of their own work and build a sustainable coaching business. Some are experts on helping you go through certification while others help coaches on their mindset, building their business and breaking through their inner glass ceiling.

If you decide to do a session or program with one of our mentors you get to try the Simply Start membership 2 months for free, without any obligation afterwards!

Anna Kmetova

After acquiring my PCC certification, the logical step was to combine coaching/business mindset coaching with mentoring for coaches who are not only ready to obtain their Co-Active Certification successfully but also to start thriving as a coaching professional - in their own, authentic way."

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Kenneth Carlson

Ken has already helped dozens of coaches on their journey to become coaches and specifically helped many people become certified by CTI as CPCC coaches. All of his CPCC certification clients finished their program, passed their oral and written exams, and became CPCC coaches.

Getting started  Certification


Manuela Damant

"I help coaches break through their inner glass ceiling so they can step into their important roles with confidence, happy to embrace visibility, able to recover from setbacks and attracting their ideal clients."

Mindset     Attracting clients

Group coaching

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Clara Hahn

Clara Hahn coaches people who are interested in building a profitable business from their passion. Her clients gain a deep understanding of their unique values and how to communicate them effortlessly and still effective. 

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Manon Huntjens

"I will help you to get clear on what you are going to create and your next steps towards that. Starting and moving forward can be simple and fun!"

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