Anna Kmetova

What’ s your background /experience as a coach (and as a coach for coaches)?


I started my coaching journey back in 2015, when I worked as a finance professional in a corporate environment. I made my transition towards full-time coaching after two years of coaching on the side while finishing my Co-Active certification program.


Since I started my own business in November 2017, I've worked with many individuals, helping them transform their challenges into opportunities for growth and empowering them to follow their own fulfilling life and career path. 


As I successfully transitioned into coaching from a completely different field and even managed to sustain my coaching business while travelling for eight months, many fellow coaches are intrigued about my experience and often tell me how inspiring they find my approach. And so, due to the high demand, I have started offering consultation for aspiring coaches as one of my services. 


After acquiring my PCC certification, the logical step was to combine coaching/business mindset coaching with mentoring for coaches who are not only ready to obtain their Co-Active Certification successfully but also to start thriving as a coaching professional - in their own, authentic way.


I'm excited to support fellow-coaches stepping up into their strengths and unique quirks and showing up for their clients just as they are, and believing that's more than enough!


You can read the story of my coaching journey in this article.


What’s your offer to coaches?

Your certifications


Professional Certified Coach by ICF (PCC)

Professional Certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC

What clients/ coaches say!

"I’ve been working with Anna for a while before getting mentored by her. I knew she’s an incredible coach and getting mentored by her, I believed, would be just as powerful. I wasn’t wrong. 


I noticed that being a certified coach doesn’t mean you know what you or your business needs to flourish. I lacked in discipline and consistency as well as knowledge about the proper steps to take from where I was (total beginner). Anna provided the whole package. She knows about the emotional and mental needs as well as the practical steps. 


Whenever I doubted myself she noticed and pointed out limiting beliefs. Whenever I had no direction we brainstormed or looked at what I really need next.


It’s a very personal and deep process to become a full-time, full-passion coach and Anna knows about it on all levels. She doesn’t tell you that it’s all sweet and roses but she does show, by the way she is being with you and her own business, that it’s worth to stick to it. She really wants you to follow your own path. She is relentless in her support and you cannot BS her. No way you can say discouraging stuff to yourself and get away with it. She brings a lot of heart and passion because she believes completely and wholeheartedly in your ability TO MAKE IT (whatever that means for you). 


If it wasn’t for Anna’s support and knowledge, I would have chosen the safe way (old job and small life), I am completely sure of that. She was there to catch me and gently lead me back to where I really wanted to go. As a result of the mentoring programme I quit my safe job and am ready to be a full-time coach. If you’re a coach seeking to thrive in business and service, I recommend Anna with all my being!"

Jenny Felicitas Barz, CPCC, ACC