Simply Start Mastermind

Creating clarity & getting things done together.

You are a coach and: 

  • are ready to take your coaching business to the next level but don't know where to start.​

  • invest a lot of time and energy in becoming a better coach but not enough in growing your business and sharing your gifts.

  • have an idea of what you want to create but get overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done. 

  • know your saboteurs but have not yet found the way to overcome them when setting up your business.

Together with a group of 3-4 professional committed coaches we create Simple Actionable steps towards your big coaching dream over a period of 4 months.

Within one week the participants in the first mastermind felt more inspired and took more action than they did in months! And within week one the first actions that seemed too scary at first were taken, coaches started to put themselves out there in a way that felt authentic to them and introduction sessions with potential clients were being held! The power of a supportive inspiring group is invaluable....


  • 1-on-1 kick off session with Manon in which we create clarity on where you want to be in 4 months.

  • Bi-weekly group session which we leave with more clarity, inspiration & the next actionable step.

  • Weekly  focused check-in through Slack or WhatsApp to keep each other on track and inspired. 

  • Accountability so you actually do the things you need and want to do.

  • Practical tips/tools/formats and feedback  in between session to improve and keep going.

  • Support you to 'DO YOU', so you create something that comes from within and feels powerful.

  • Access to the Simply Start member community for extra support and monthly coaching demo's!

  • By making things simple.................

This Mastermind is for coaches who:

  • invested time and money in their personal and professional development as a coach: Either completed or completing an accredited program.

  • are not only committed to their own growth as a person and business but just as much other coaches growth and success.

  • know the power of their coaching but are not always fully owning it yet.

  • have been in the game longer, want to level up their business & keep a beginners mind.

  • are REALLY ready to take actionable steps and are willing to have me, who is fully committed to them reaching their goals and dreams, as an accountability partner on their side.

The investment 

215 euros ex VAT (21%) per month (4 months)*


Send me an e-mail at and we will set up a call to find out if this Mastermind is a match.

Manon manages to hold complexity, facilitate structure, and is innovative. I enjoy working with her. Always productive and still somehow relaxed. - Clara Hahn (Coach Berlin)

For the first time things do not feel like a 'must-do' or a Mount-Everest of tasks!  I am even looking forward to it now.  - Laviana Frantzen (Coach Amsterdam,

Manon is a wonderful business coach who was able to create movement where I experienced ‘stuckness’ and ‘messiness’. She has a power to sense and explore what’s needed at any given moment which empowers me and creates bigger opportunities. I enjoy her pragmatism and powerful questions together with useful tips and advice. She supports on a strategic level to help define my business and articulate what I actually want to say. I love her empathy combined with a pragmatic approach which really brings me and my business further! - Angelique van Eeuwen-Bos, (Certified Co-Active Coach)

Manon helped me set up my business as a coach. She understood me quickly, but also gave her own input and color to it. The whole time we worked together it gave me the energy to deliver the content and input that was needed. Time pressure helped but also her positive energy. She has a talent for writing and knew how to make my content more attractive. Also her expertise helped me a lot. How do you put yourself out there? She really helped me with that.I appreciate her positivity, non-judgemental attitude and speed. - Lieke van Bers (Coach, Amsterdam)

'This is the best most valuable Whatsapp group I have ever been part off :) !' - Melle Cipressi (Participant Mastermind) (Burn out coach, The Netherlands)

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About Manon​

After lots of overthinking and over-analysing I realised at one point that the only way to deal with saboteurs, procrastinating and overthinking was to simply start... That is the way I started my first business and also the way I started building Simply Start. I love working with coaches because when they come together it creates great power and the most wonderful supportive community.


I see that coaches are just like me; very good at analysing, going deep (and a bit deeper) and overthinking. They are often very good at seeing other peoples powers and cheering other people on but do not fully own their own yet.


And that is why I created Simply Start: an inspiring, fun, trustworthy and authentic place. A place for coaches to connect, grow together and learn from each other and inspiring mentors. So, coaches can own their (coaching) powers and build a sustainable business.


Action is the Cure!