Manuela Damant

What’ s your background /experience as a coach (and as a coach for coaches)?

Conscious Leadership Coach with over 15 years of experience. I help coaches break through their inner glass ceiling so they can step into their important roles with confidence, happy to embrace visibility, able to recover from setbacks and attracting their ideal clients. 


What’s your offer to coaches?

My gut feels drawn towards new coaches, how can they make it work, how can they set up a business, choose a niche, get comfortable with being visible, believing in what they've got to offer has value, setting prices, getting first clients etc.


And I also love group coaching/mentoring. So I  offer a group mentoring package for three to four new coaches at a time.

A package includes 6 or 12 one hour sessions (3 or 6 months packages)


The price is Euro 365.00 for three months and Euro 730.00 for six months. 

Your certifications

NLP Coach 2005
NLP Trainer 2008

Emotionally Focussed Couples Therapy Level 1 2015
OneOfMany Certified Women's Coach 2019



What clients/ coaches say!

"1 session with Manuela and already we hit the spot. My saboteur, glass ceiling, whatever you want to call it. I know something had been holding me back and Manuela was the first one that really got through to me and let me drop that shield. What helped me a lot is the way Manuela approached me, with her positive and loving energy and at the same them daring to confront and not letting go to easily when there is resistance" Manon Huntjens, founder Simply Start

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