Coaching demo with coach Nada Mesqui

Wednesday October 14, 5PM - 6.30PM CET (8AM PDT - 9.30 AM PDT)

Free for members

Every month we invite an experience coach to coach a coachee on a topic that is alive at that moment. Together we witness the session in silence. After the demo we will reflect together on the coaching process. Before the demo you will receive a worksheet with reflection questions you can use during the demo.

About Nada

Adamant shifter of status quo, Nada believes that clarity comes from action. With Masters in Communication Science, she has spent over a decade challenging corporate environments and their rigidity to embrace creativity, innovation and transparent communication.  


Her work as a professional leadership coach has led her explore different ways of connecting to our most courageous, truthful selves and it is as well how she discovered the immense power of embodiment.


This apparently simple ritual of zooming inwards and surrendering to the wisdom of our bodies through movement is the fastest way, she found, to connect to what we call our soul.


Nada will guide you into a deeper connection to your essence/ spirit/ soul following the path of least resistance, your body. Because your body holds the innate “gut feelings”, which your mind then chooses (or not) to follow.


By opening yourself up more to the innate knowing of your body, you will create congruency with other centers of your knowing; your mind and your heart, all in the service of feeling completely and truly whole.

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Testimonial previous demo

"Being able to watch a professional coaching session was super helpful as a coach in training. It not only helped to refresh my memory of how to conduct a coaching session, but it also allowed me to see how profound a coaching session can be, even in such a short amount of time between two people who have never previously met. This particular session was very emotional and it was wonderful to see how the coach allowed space for the emotions to be there but also kept the session focussed and moved the coachee forward towards the vision they had for themselves. " Mina Aidoo, Coach in training