Ken Carlson

What’ s your background /experience as a coach (and as a coach for coaches)?


Since, 2008, I have individually coached (over 3,000 hours) and implemented training for leaders in dozens of organizations such as  McDonalds, Facebook, LinkedIn, BASF, Fidelity, VISA, Sephora and Volvo.


I have helped dozens of coaches on their journey to become coaches and specifically helped many people become certified by CTI as CPCC coaches. each of my CPCC certification clients finished their program, passed their oral and written exams, and have become CPCC coaches. 



What’s your offer to coaches?


As a PCC and CPCC coach—who is currently preparing for and being mentored to be a MCC coach—I am available for coaches to fulfill their hours as a mentor coach during their certification process. 


As a part of CTI’s Certification program, you are required to have a CPPC/PCC coach for the duration of your training. I have created a specific program for certification students to assist you in reaching your goals. 

This program offers high impact coaching as well as some additional benefits for those in CTI’s certification program. 


Program Basics: 

  • Seven-month commitment (CTI’s program effectively takes 7 months—including oral exam) 

  • Twice monthly 45-60 minute coaching sessions 

  • An additional two-hour discovery session is included in your first month. 

  • Four 30-minute training/mentoring sessions are included for use anytime during 
    program on any topic you want to cover like: o Improving supervision calls
    o Special attention to a co-active skill
    o Growing your client list 
    o Running a coaching business 

  • Written exam prep session (30 minutes) included 

  • Oral exam prep session (30 minutes) included 

  • Sessions are virtual via phone or Zoom videoconference 

  • Total cost is $600 monthly ($4,200) or a one-time $3,600 upfront payment. 



Your certifications


    • PCC (Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation)

    • CPCC (Co-Active Professional Certified Coach with CTI)

    • Certified Facilitator Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership II

    • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)




What clients/ coaches say!

“I was lucky enough to find Ken during a transition period in my life, and was grateful to have him beside me as I worked toward a meaningful goal. I appreciated Ken's expert coaching, always being my advocate, and of course his kindness and generosity. Ken is not only a true professional and a great coach but also an inspiration in finding finding a career I love as much as he clearly loves his.”~Christy Abele, Certification Client. 


“I had the pleasure of working with Ken through a leadership development program. I did not know what to expect from a coach or even know where to start. But in our first conversation, Ken created a comfortable space to share my thoughts, a comfort and ease which carried across all our conversations. He inspired me to imagine a life full of possibilities and to take action towards truly living my values and purpose.


Ken has a genuine way of being with clients to make you feel fully seen and heard, a refreshing treat and break from the common busy-ness of life. He has a wealth of experience, resources and tools that he seamlessly integrates in the moment to deepen the learning or extend the learning beyond the session. I was always impressed with how he really connected in the moment, with whatever I brought into the session that day, or that he could skillfully draw in a quote or booked recommendation that so perfectly matched the essence of the conversation or ah-ha moment.


I learned so much about myself and cannot thank Ken enough for his coaching and compassionate way of connecting. It was a life changing experience!”~Kristen Esquivias, ACC, CPCC Coach



“Ken is a unique coach, good with both those who dive free-fall into being coached and those who hesitate on their journey. He is caring, respectful, and energizing. He listens with patience and hears the story within and behind your words. Through questioning and intuition he guides you to places inside yourself where possibilities live, and sticks with you as you sort fact from fiction in the world of you.” ~Rhonda Messinger, Coach and Business Owner