Become part of the most active
Co-Active global coaches community that supports you AND challenges you to grow. 

No, you don't need another training. You don’t need to have it all figured out before you start or grow your business. You don't need to spend one more day perfecting your website. (You don't even need a website, frankly!)

As a coach there will be days you feel like you’re doing exactly what you’re meant to be doing.. and there will be days you wonder what the heck you are doing.  Whether you are starting out as a coach, starting over, or have been doing it for years:

You don't have to do it alone!


We’ve built a community of bold and bright Co-Active coaches from all over the world. We learn from each other and lift each other up. We learn together from a variety of great mentors and experts. All the mentors are MCC's, CPCC/PCC and/or CTI front of the room leaders and/or well-known and respected experts in their own field. All of them build their own successful coaching business. They do it their own way and are already an inspiration to others to do the same.


We don't only focus on growing as a coach but also on growing your business. There is no 'one right way' to do it. No 1-size fits all frameworks or tools that tell you how to build your coaching business. We only offer support that helps you find out what works for you.​

Join our Co-Active community and grow fierce in your coaching. Stop overthinking: get answers, feedback and support.

Read here what members say.


“Courage is contagious. Every time we choose courage, we make everyone around us a little better and the world a little braver.” - Brené Brown.

What you'll get



1 weekly 1-hour Coaching event (On Wednesdays) 

  • Live coaching session + reflection with an experienced coach.

  • Supervision session: With a certified supervisor in which you can bring your client cases and that challenges you to grow.

  • A coaching class with a mentor to expand and deepen your (Co-Active)coaching skills.

  • The bold coaching hour: A bold member does a live coaching session with observers (with feedback and reflection)

Recordings off all previous sessions of the above

You can watch (or listen) any time and you will get just as much out of it. Better than Netflix!

Growing library of resources and tools

Like coaching contracts, website guides, spreadsheets and more, revenue templates, templates for testimonials etc.

1 weekly Simply Business session (On Mondays)

In this session Manon (founder Simply Start) and the rest of the community help you take your next step in your business

Private community platform

Easy to navigate a great way to connect with other members (see who is near you) see upcoming events and access to all archives. And to ask and give support and feedback.

2x per month a Community hour (On Fridays)

In which you can meet and connect with your inspiring peers, ask each other anything and hold each other accountable for your next steps.


For who?

  • You are a Co-Active coach. Whether you are starting out, starting over, or have been doing it for years: everyone is welcome! you are never done learning stretching and growing. There is always the next level of personal and business growth.

  • You want to be fierce in your coaching and in your business.

  • You enjoy connecting and interacting with and learning from a wide variety of coaches from all over the world. 


Monthly Simply Community membership 

Get access to all live sessions and all the replays and resources.

Pay 19,99 euros per month in stead of 29,99 euros!*

Monthly Simply Watch membership 

Get access to all the replays, platform and resources. (So NO live sessions)

Join now and pay 9,99 euro per month in stead of 14,99 euros!*


A tribe of fun and curious people from all over the world.

When I signed up for Simply-Start, I had no idea what to expect. Among all advertisements I receive from different media, this one spoke directly to me. It felt “real”. 


With “Simply-Start”, Manon has created a safe, playful and authentic learning environment. She always makes sure that the best coaches and leaders come to spend valuable time with the group. 


Together with the Simply-Start community, Manon has managed to build a tribe of fun and curious people from all over the world. 


Manon is a creative, positive and curious leader, who is engaged in the progress and the learnings of the group. There is always something new to discuss and discover. 

Together with Manon and the great people presenting to this community, there is never a dull moment. 


Lena Victoria (CPCC) - Switzerland


I feel supported! Highly recommended.

I felt an instant attraction to Simply Start and was (and still am) always looking forward to the Friday newsletter: exactly the right length and the content to drive inspiration. When the opportunity arrived to take part in the Simply Start member community I did not hesitate and now I can say that it was truly what I needed: the community is really welcoming, open and supportive. There are coaches at very different stages in their career and this is for sure an added value, as everybody can learn from each other. It has been really invaluable. And, about Manon.. she is Simply Great. She is an excellent facilitator, very energetic and kind. I admire her ability to uncomplicate things. She cares about her community and always looks for ways to improve the tools we use. Even though we never met in person I feel very supported by her. Highly recommended!


Federica Salvi (CPCC)  - The Netherlands


Manon creates movement  where I experienced ‘stuckness’ and ‘messiness'.

"Manon is a wonderful business coach who was able to create movement there where I experienced ‘stuckness’ and ‘messiness’. She has a power to sense and explore what’s needed at any given moment which empowers me and creates bigger opportunities. I enjoy her pragmatism and powerful questions together with useful tips and advices. She supports on a more strategic level to define my business together with the pragmatic support with regards to texts and articulate what I actually want to say. I love her empathic combined with a pragmatic approach which really brings me and my business further!"

Angelique van Eeuwen-Bos (CPCC)

- Tanzania


Monthly Simply Community membership 

Get access to all live sessions and all the replays and resources.

Pay 19,99 euros per month in stead of 29,99 euros!*

Monthly Simply Watch membership 

Get access to all the replays, platform and resources. (So NO live session)

Join now and pay 9,99 euro per month in stead of 14,99 euros!*


Frequently asked questions

Can I end my subscription any time?

Yes! You can end it every month. You can manage your subscription ini your account and have full and easy control over that.

How long are sessions?

maximum 60 minutes

Can you tell me a bit more about the coaches in the community?

All coaches are co-active trained. Some are at the beginning of their journey, other have already a couple of hundred hours under their belt. This is what Natalie, one of the members says: "Simply Start is truly one of the more valuable gems in my coaching growth and learning right now. I love being able to watch the demos and reflect. The office hours are so helpful. The people that are in the group are thoughtful, intelligent, rich with experience and diversity of offerings, clearly committed and just so warm and comfortable to be with. Manon's care and dedication and presence are so clear, and her ability to hold a safe, structured, focused yet fluid and open space for learning and reflection are truly impressive. Basically, I love it!" Natalie Claire (Co-active coach, US)

How are these sessions different from demo's is already saw?

A big difference with many coaching demo's is that we never ask the coach to focus on anything specific. The coach does not know the coachee and the coachee brings in a topic that is alive exactly in that moment. That makes every session wonderful, real and a valuable learning experience.

What's the background of the mentors that do live coaching session and classes?

The Coaches have at least 500+ hours of coaching experience (PCC level) . We know and invite the coaches personally. We also regularly invite MCC coaches to coach. But we intentionally have a diversity of backgrounds because we welcome diversity and there are many wonderful and very powerful coaches that do not have their MCC certification (yet). We regularly ask out members who they want to see coach. We invite coaches who build a sustainable coachnig business themselves, who coach not only coaches and who share our values and have a focus on giving. Members are regularly invited to share who their favorite mentors are and who they would like to see coach or learn from.

What times are live gatherings since everyone is in a different timezone?

We have sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and alternate in timess for classes:
At 5pm CET (9am PT) or 10am (5pm SGT) to facilitate all timezones as much as possible. If you can not join live the replays will always be available!
Sometimes the times wil vary because of the availibilty of a teacher.