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The Simply Start member community is a place to learn from experienced coaches and mentors and from each other; to not only become the best possible coach, but also to learn the business-side of things. The better we are at setting up and growing a business the more people we can reach and help. 


Every time we meet online the energy is wonderful, supportive and engaging.

I can not imagine a more powerful community than this group of professional and dedicated coaches from all over the world, willing to grow, get out of their comfort and wanting nothing more than for you also to succeed your goals on your coaching journey.

I welcome you to join!

Manon - Founder Simply Start


What our wonderful community says

"I joined this Coaching Circle in its third iteration, and am so glad that I decided to take this step. As a Co-active coach who finished certification just a few years back, and very conscious of how much I learn from practising, I am getting so much from being in a peer coaching group with coaches. I appreciate that we come from the same and other coaching backgrounds, and from many countries and cultures too. There is also something special about this giving and receiving among coaching peers which I am finding rewarding and nourishing as a coach. In our Circle, we meet to coach or be coached and also once a month with the four of us to discuss our experiences and really deepen the learning we are all enjoying. Even with the full and busy lives we all lead, I am getting incredible value from setting aside just a few hours per month to be part of the Coaching Circle and heartily recommend joining in next time. Thank you to Kseniya and Manon!"


Karen Buchanan (Certified Co-active coach, Germany) Participated in a coaching circle

What you get when you join


  • Monthly live coaching session with reflection afterwards. With and experienced coach. 
    So that you can deepen your (understanding of) coaching skills by watching and reflecting on seeing other coaches coach.

    Many members favorite moment of the moment! There is something magical about watching a coaching session together in silence. An enlightening experience for coach, coachee and participants. We watch a real life session together in silence and have a reflection together afterwards. Like many demo's do the coach has no agenda: the coach is not asked to focus on any type of skill or tool but can freely work with whatever is alive in the moment. Replays are available for coaches that can not join live. 


  • Private community group to foster more connection and sharing. With live sessions around business related topics. Access to replays off previous demo's, lessons and gatherings. All events that you can automatically link to your calendar. Tools and resources and you can ask your fellow coaches for any kind of support!


  • Monthly virtual office hours with me and the rest of the community members. In which you can ask me and the community anything and we are there to help each other get unstuck or simply inspired. So we can really learn together and help each other grow further!


  • There is already a wealth of knowledge available within the community but when I see a topic is alive within the community I will bring in an expert to help us take further steps and deepen our knowledge. We keep each other in that Simply start state of mind:)


  • Monthly 'Ask me anything' online session with an experienced mentor/ coach. In which you are allowed yo literrally ask them anything.


  • Discount up to 50% to paid programs and classes like coaching circles, mentor programs, challenges and more.

Price (Launch offer if you join before January 1st 2021)

26,99 USD  per month.  (I
n stead of 34,99 USD)

You can end your membership at any time!

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