"I got involved with the coaching circle through word of mouth and it has been a truly enlightening experience. Having the opportunity to coach, be coached and learn from people across the world from a range of backgrounds is a rare and wonderful experience!"

Emily Gills

(Co-active coach, London)

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Be daring.


Stretch yourself.

So far.....







You want to become the best possible coach you can be. You don't become that by playing it safe. 


We offer you a safe, fun and supportive place where you can get uncomfortable. A playing ground where you can practice and grow your strengths and skills as a coach. Peer coaching session with a coach that will be your coachee for 3 sessions and a coach  that will be your coach for 3 sessions. A wonderful way to practice, give and receive feedback and grow.


We create a place that challenges you to stretch yourself in your ways of being and doing as a coach.​  Helping others do exactly the same while you receive coaching and offer feedback. 

Why should you join?


  • There are things you want to experiment with. You know your coaching can be more powerful if you allow yourself to be more daring. Trying new things can be uncomfortable, especially with your (paying) clients. Like using more embodiment, silence or visualisations in your coaching. Using a new tool, using your intuition more, holding a bigger agenda for your client or simply being more bold.

  • Participants tell us over and over again how powerful having an inspiring and supportive community of peers is. And seeing other people being daring makes you more daring. 

  • You simply see the value of continuous learning and development. Many coaches see taking part of the coaching circles as part of their Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

  • Because we make it fun!

What do you get when you join?


  • You are matched with one person who will be your coach for 3 sessions and with another person who will be your coachee for 3 sessions
    Over a period of 3 months you will give 3 sessions and receive 3 sessions. It is up to you and your coach/coachee when you have these sessions and how much time in between there is and how long a session lasts. 

  • You become part of a group of coaches from all over the world. Everyone is following or finished an accredited coaching program and/or is actively coaching. Coaches with different backgrounds and levels of experience, from all walks of life. 

  • Before you start coaching we kick-off together, you will meet your coach and coachee and we set an intention together to not simply coach but to invite the daring in.​​ We have an in between session to connect with the rest of the participating coaches and deepen the learning together.  And s closing session to look back and celebrate your learnings over the past 3 months.**

  • Two wonderful masterclasses by inspiring teachers that invite us to be more courageous. Read more about the classes and teachers here. If you can not join live you can watch the replay.**

  • 3 months free access to the all the Simply Start Member Community replays of monthly live coaching sessions and most popular classes. 


** The thing you commit to is 3 sessions as a coach and 3 sessions as a coachee. The live gatherings are recommended but not obligatory.

We understand that busy lives and different timezones are sometimes challenging. Even if you can not join live sessions and classes we will still make sure you will get the most out of this learning experience. 

You will have your own communication platform on which you can find ask questions, find coaches to form a peer group or triad coaching pod, see upcoming events and more.  

"I joined this Coaching Circle and am so glad that I decided to take this step. As a Co-active coach who finished certification just a few years back, and very conscious of how much I learn from practising, I am getting so much from being in a peer coaching group with coaches. I appreciate that we come from the same and other coaching backgrounds, and from many countries and cultures too. There is also something special about this giving and receiving among coaching peers which I am finding rewarding and nourishing as a coach. Even with the full and busy lives we all lead, I am getting incredible value from setting aside just a few hours per month to be part of the Coaching Circle and heartily recommend joining in next time. Karen Buchanan

(Certified Co-active coach, Germany)

 "I have really enjoyed the opportunity to be part of two coaching circles with Simply Start, where I have both coached and been coached by someone. It has provided a great opportunity to experience different coaching styles, as well as a valuable way to gather more coaching experience and get feedback in a very safe environment. It has also expanded my network and allowed me to be part of a very active community of coaches."

- Kate Brettell

(Certified Co-active coach, The Netherlands) 

"The coaching circles were such a timely exercise for me.It felt great to be in this circle as a coach and a client because of the diversity of coaches involved and the opportunity to connect with people from different nationalities/professions I may not get a chance to meet otherwise in such a close and intimate setting. Such diversity enriched my experience as a coach and a client at the same time because it offered different perspectives on several issues from coaches who are at varying learning/training phases in their lives, which made our coaching sessions refreshing and stimulating. The webinars hosted by Kseniya and Manon are especially helpful as they are a wonderful source of support, information and awareness. The coaching circle has been a great experience and I'm so glad and honored to have been part of it."

- Lama Khsearoof

(Certified Co-activee coach, United Arab Emirates)

“Courage is contagious. Every time we choose courage, we make everyone around us a little better and the world a little braver.”

- Brené Brown 

For who? 

Every coach coach is welcome to apply. The only requirement is that you are either following or completed an accredited coaching program and you are already actively coaching. What we value and are looking for is eager and dedicated coaches who invest time, money and energy in their professional development as a coach. 

Coaches join from all over the world and have various backgrounds and levels of experience. After a few circles we can say that there are a few things they all have in common: open-hearted, smart and brilliant coaches who invest time, money and energy in their professional development as a coach and committed to becoming the best coach they can become.


We will ask you some questions about your coaching experience and educational background and your commitment so we can create the best possible experience for everyone. 



98 euros / 119,99 USD for the total period. (59,99 USD/ 49 euros for paying Simply Start members)



The next circle will start February 15,  2021.  Apply before February 6th.

We give-away one Akashic records reading with Kseniya to all of the participants of this 5th circle. Read more about that here.

Questions? Check the FAQ below or send an e-mail to mail@simply-start.com.


Give away: 1 Akashic record reading with Kseniya (CPCC) under all participants

For those who are open to receive some spiritual guidance Kseniya is offered to give away one Akashic Records consultation to one of the participants. This is a process through which she can open the Akashic Records, using my expertise and experience, so you can easily receive the information and answers you seek regarding your own life’s journey.


The Akashic Records - what is it?


Did you ever have this feeling: “I wish I had the very right answer to my question or situation…” Imagine it exists! Imagine that you could access the very true answer about your relationships, your physical wellbeing, your soul journey, and much more.  You can receive the answer that encompasses every conceivable topic regarding you and your life’s Path, the answer that is held in the energy of love and you receive it with guidance, hopefulness, and deep empowerment. This information allows you to understand the truth of your life and the possibilities it offers


Those answers are in a book. But not just any book; a book about the whole history of your soul, about every single aspect of who you are now and what you may be in future. It is not a physical book, but the one that is recorded energetically. The book that is full of Love that creates everything in the Universe. These are the Akashic Records, where every thought, activity, feeling, and experience that has ever occurred in time and space has an energetic stamp. It is an imprint of all experiences, of all lifetimes, in all realities. 

The Akashic Records contain answers to every question we may have about our lives and personal journeys. The more we can consciously open ourselves to this inner guidance, the more we will learn and benefit from the wisdom it contains. Wisdom that is written, with great love, and for the highest good of all.

Antony Parry (CPCC, PCC)

Class: Boldly holding your clients biggest agenda.

As coaches we are usually so conscious and skilful in building trust and empowering coaching relationships with our clients. We are compassionate, curious and with open hearts. Sometimes it is really our comfort zone, because it feels so natural to build meaningful connection with our coaching clients.

And in order to go deeper, to evoke transformation for our clients, we as coaches need that courage to FIERCELY & BOLDLY stand for their BIG agenda no matter what - maybe risking not being liked, sometimes even risking to be fired, and still be on purpose and serve them at our best potential. It could be tough and challenging, but very rewarding for the clients and fulfilling for us as Coaches.

Ok, we hear the question form you: Great, how to do that? And that is what we will talk about in our co-creative and interactive discussion with our special guest, Antony Parry, CPCC, PCC, CTI Faculty & Team Development Leader, who has 18 years of coaching experience in working with individuals, systems and relationships that face those tough and rewarding challenges.


During the call we will do an exercise that will help to tap deeper into our wider range of courageousness, and in the end you will walk away with a more clear vision of your own Fierce Courage and Boldness as a Coach.

Marie Quigley (MCC)

Demo: How supervision can help you be more courageous in coaching.        

Coaching supervision enables you to gain Super-Vision on your work – it is a powerful way to bring reflection, recognition and resourcefulness. Coaching supervision, as part of Continuous Professional Development (CPD), is a way to support ourselves as coaches to be the best we can be.

Supervision offers coaches a psychologically safe place to professionally reflect on their work and practices. Coaching supervision supports you to uncover blind spots, discover patterns of behaviour and ways of being and doing which impacts on the success of a coach’s work.

In this class Marie will do a group demo with 3 or 4 of the participants well the rest witnesses to let us experience the power of supervision.

Marie Quigley (MCC)  is extremely passionate about supporting the profession of coaching and believes in the continuous development of coaches - ensuring coaching clients receive the absolute best experience. 


As an EMCC ESIA accredited coach supervisor she facilitates the deep, exploratory work of coaching super-vision, recognizes the importance of normative formative and restorative spaces, supporting coaches at all levels to uncover blind spots and evoke expansion of “who they are being” through thought provoking, reflective and highly creative conversations.



Frequently asked questions

Which hours can I count for the 100-hour requirement during Certification?

1) Can coaching a CPCC (co-active) count? 2) And what about coaching another coach who finished Intermediate (co-active) but is not in Certification? 3) In general what does ICF say? 1) ‘Here is what can count, you can include in your 100 coaching hours a CPCC client. But you CANNOT count them as one of your five paid coaching clients and this person cannot be used as an individual Supervisor. For example if you only have five paying clients, and one of these five clients is a CPCC you cannot count this person. But if you have 6 or more paying clients, then the CPCC can be client # 6, 7, or 8 and onwards.’ 2) Yes you can count the coaching hours for a student who did finish Intermediate and is not in Certification now. This person could also count towards one of your five ongoing paid clients. This person, can not be a client for your Individual Supervision exercise. 3) Peer to peer coaching outside training program can be considered paid or bartered coaching and coaching through coacging circle can be seen as payment for the coaching.

I can not join all the live sessions, does it still make sense to join?

Yes! Although we recommend to join as much as possible because they are a lot of fun and valuable we will still make sure you will get a lot of out this learning experience. It is designed in a way that you are still invite to fully stretch yourself. Replays of sessions are available. I have been coaching for quite a while, does it still make sense to join?
Yes! We have coaches from all levels of experiences and we actually often hear from experienced coaches that they get a lot out of this experience.

I have been coaching for quite a while, does it still make sense to join?

Yes! We have coaches from all levels of experiences and we actually often hear from experienced coaches that they get a lot out of this experience.

What are the requirements to join?

Every coach coach is welcome to apply. The only requirement is that you are either following or completed an accredited coaching course. r you are already have been actively doing paid coaching for a while. What we value and are looking for is eager and dedicated coaches who invest time, money and energy in their professional development as a coach. And commitment to the process of the coaching circle. We will ask you some questions about your coaching experience and educational background and your commitment so we can create the best possible experience for everyone. Our coaching circles are a wonderful way to connect with coaches from all over the world, to learn together and deepen your coaching skills. Coaches come from all over the world. With one thing in common: Open hearted, smart and brilliant coaches who invest time, money and energy in their professional development as a coach and committed to becoming the best coach they can become.

There are people from different timezones so what times are the live gatherings?

Mostly around 5pm CET which makes the sessions accessible for most people in US and Europe and African timezones. When we see we have a number of participants from Asia we will add some live gatherings around 9am CET which will make those accessible for Europen, African and Asian timezones.