Join our next Coaching Circle 

A safe playing ground to fail and fly.


Imagine a place where you can fully expand yourself, stretch yourself, challenge yourself to become the best possible coach you can be. Together with other professional coaches doing the same.


> A professional playing ground.


> A place that helps you discover yourself as a coach even deeper.


> A safe space to fail and to fly!

> A place that challenges you to stretch yourself and find your unique coaching voice even more.


And in the meanwhile you help others do exactly the same. While you receive coaching along the way. 

We invite you to stretch yourself to the fullest!


Maybe there are some things you want to try-out but you don’t feel ready to do that with your paying clients. Maybe something as simple as explored coaching over the phone without video, using more movement, inviting coachees to do the same. Or they try something completely new you do not feel comfortable enough yet to try with your clients. Some participants for instance explored how they could use their intuition more. Or just simply to be more bold, to invite the biggest version of themselves into the coaching.

That can be scary sometimes, but so rewarding!


Imagine doing this within a safe and fun space and having a whole group of professional cheerleaders on your side.


Our coaching circles have over and over been proven to be a wonderful way to connect with other professional and coaches from all over the world, learn together and further craft your coaching skills. Coaches from every part of the world. With one thing in common: They are eager and dedicated coaches who invest time, money and energy in their professional development as a coach and want to grow. 

So, what’s the offer?


You become part of a group of coaches from all over the world. With different background and levels of experience, from all walks of life. This broadens your perspective. They all are part of or finished an accredited coaching program and/or are actively coaching. For many people one of the most valuable aspects of our circles: the diversity of people and backgrounds.


What they have in common is a passion for coaching and the urge to grow themselves to higher levels. The boldness to put themselves out there. Worldly coaches that enjoy being matched up with someone from either around the corner or the other side of the world. It's an enriching and enlightening experience! All you have to do is open up to it.


  • You are matched with one person who will be your coach for 3 sessions
    You are matched with another person who will be your coach 3 sessions
    So: Over a period of 3 months you will give 3 sessions and receive 3 sessions

  • You will also become part of an intervision group of 5-6 coaches which will be your trusted group throughout the whole process so you can dive deeper into your experiences/challenges and expansion. We provide you a proven structure and method so you can self guide an effective intervision group.  An exchange between you and your coaching colleagues where you come together to discuss cases or questions and reflect on it with your peers to learn from it.  A chance for continuous professional development through reflection and dialogue in a safe, supportive and warm space. In a trusted group that comes together bi-weekly or monthly over a certain period of time.

  • You record one session and share that with your group for feedback. We know, it sounds scary but it is so worth it!

  • Two big group session in which we will be able to interact with the whole group and use the collective wisdom to dive deeper.

For who? 

Every coach coach is welcome to apply. The only requirement is that you completed an accredited coaching course and are actively coaching clients. What we value and are looking for is eager and dedicated coaches who invest time, money and energy in their professional development as a coach. And commitment to the process of the coaching circle.We will ask you some questions about your coaching experience and educational background and your commitment so we can create the best possible experience for everyone. We welcome diversity!



97 euros for a period of 3 months.


The next circle will start January 1st 2021.  Apply before december 23th!

"I joined this Coaching Circle in its third iteration, and am so glad that I decided to take this step. As a Co-active coach who finished certification just a few years back, and very conscious of how much I learn from practising, I am getting so much from being in a peer coaching group with coaches. I appreciate that we come from the same and other coaching backgrounds, and from many countries and cultures too. There is also something special about this giving and receiving among coaching peers which I am finding rewarding and nourishing as a coach. In our Circle, we meet to coach or be coached and also once a month with the four of us to discuss our experiences and really deepen the learning we are all enjoying. Even with the full and busy lives we all lead, I am getting incredible value from setting aside just a few hours per month to be part of the Coaching Circle and heartily recommend joining in next time. Thank you to Kseniya and Manon!" Karen Buchanan

(Certified Co-active coach, Germany)

What are former wonderful participants say

"As a new trainee coach I got involved with the coaching circle through word of mouth and it has been a truly enlightening experience. Having the opportunity to coach, be coached and learn from people across the world from a range of backgrounds is a rare and wonderful experience - thank you so much for establishing the link!"

- Emily Gills (Co-active coach in training, London)



"I have really enjoyed the opportunity to be part of two coaching circles with Simply Start, where I have both coached and been coached by someone. It has provided a great opportunity to experience different coaching styles, as well as a valuable way to gather more coaching experience and get feedback in a very safe environment. It has also expanded my network and allowed me to be part of a very active community of coaches. Thanks Manon and Kseniya!"

- Kate Bretell (Certified Co-active coach, The Netherlands)


"The coaching circles were such a timely exercise for me.It felt great to be in this circle as a coach and a client because of the diversity of coaches involved and the opportunity to connect with people from different nationalities/professions I may not get a chance to meet otherwise in such a close and intimate setting. Such diversity enriched my experience as a coach and a client at the same time because it offered different perspectives on several issues from coaches who are at varying learning/training phases in their lives, which made our coaching sessions refreshing and stimulating. The webinars hosted by Kseniya and Manon are especially helpful as they are a wonderful source of support, information and awareness. The coaching circle has been a great experience and I'm so glad and honored to have been part of it."

- Lama Khsearoof (Certified Co-activee coach, United Arab Emirates)

"When Manon and Kseniya from Simply Start offered the Coaching Circle, I seized the opportunity. And this worked out perfectly for me in different ways: I received a highly effective coaching - diving to the core issues in just three sessions; I practised my coaching skills and could help someone gain more clarity and confidence about the next steps in life; I've enriched my perspective and network with other coaches with so diverse backgrounds, origins, locations I couldn't imagine before. Thank you, Manon and Kseniya for making this possible!"

-  Dagmar Hopf (Coach at Sevenbirds, The Netherlands)





"As a member of the coaching circle (2nd batch), it has given me an opportunity to learn from other coaches: their style, their approach, their meanings. I believe each of us are different, therefore, each of us can guide the way in diverse manners. The Coaching Circle for me is useful at this stage of my coaching career, as I want to expand tools and skills, and this coaching circle gives me a tool to have a community of coaches with different backgrounds, experience and sharing." 

- Francisco Reyes (Coach, Singapore)

About us


  • Which hours can I count for the 100-hour requirement during Certification?


1)  Can coaching a CPCC (co-active) count?

2) And what about coaching another coach who finished Intermediate (co-active) but is not in Certification?

3) In general what does ICF say?


1) ‘Here is what can count, you can include in your 100 coaching hours a CPCC client.  But you CANNOT count them as one of your five paid coaching clients and this person cannot be used as an individual Supervisor.  For example if you only have five paying clients, and one of these five clients is a CPCC you cannot count this person.  But if you have 6 or more paying clients, then the CPCC can be client # 6, 7, or 8 and onwards.’


2) Yes you can count the coaching hours for a student who did finish Intermediate and is not in Certification now. This person could also count towards one of your five ongoing paid clients.  This person, can not be a client for your Individual Supervision exercise.

3) Peer to peer coaching outside training program can be considered paid or bartered coaching and coaching through coacging circle can be seen as payment for the coaching.

  • In this setup there is no guidance from a mentor coach. Why not?


We believe in the power of the collective wisdom of a group so in this setup there will not be a Mentor coach present during the sessions.

Yes, we believe that learning and guidance from a mentor coach is truly invaluable!  


But when it comes to having a peer group we believe it will be most empowering to have a set-up that not only allows you to tap-into group wisdom but also deepen your inner knowing and empower you as an individual who already has all the answers inside.