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Coaching demo with coach Anna Kmetova

Wednesday August 19, 5PM - 6.30PM CET (8AM PDT - 9.30 AM PDT)

Price:  23 euros (free for members)

Every month we invite an experience coach to coach a coachee on a topic that is alive at that moment. Together we witness the session in silence. After the demo we will reflect together on the coaching process. Before the demo you will receive a worksheet with reflection questions you can use during the demo.

Anna Kmetova, CPCC, PCC is a life & career coach empowering rebellious, open-minded individuals to lead authentic and fulfilling lives. When she is not supporting personal transformation, she empowers fellow coaches to step into their full potential and create thriving coaching businesses or helps companies implement a coaching culture. Anna is based in Amsterdam, but as an adventurous entrepreneur, she often supports her clients remotely from various destinations in the world. Connect with Anna on LinkedIn or visit her blog.

Testimonial previous demo

"Being able to watch a professional coaching session was super helpful as a coach in training. It not only helped to refresh my memory of how to conduct a coaching session, but it also allowed me to see how profound a coaching session can be, even in such a short amount of time between two people who have never previously met. This particular session was very emotional and it was wonderful to see how the coach allowed space for the emotions to be there but also kept the session focussed and moved the coachee forward towards the vision they had for themselves. " Mina Aidoo, Coach in training



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