Members ambassadors program

Are you enjoying the simply start community and telling people about it? 


I appreciate that a lot!


Besides just saying ‘thank you’ I want to show you how happy I am that you do that.


That is why I created the ambassadors program. And of course I hope by this you will maybe feel even

More motivated to tell people about simply start :)



How does it work?

If you refer people and they become a member of Simply Start or join a mastermind you can choose from the following 'thank you's:

Participation in the next coaching Circle:                                                                                              1 referral

60 minute session with me in which I help you with clarity/action and/or copy:                                          3 referrals

1-1 mentor session with Ronit LeMon (MCC), Amber Rahim (CPCC) or Anna Kmetova (CPCC):                     4 referrals

Copywriting Clinic with Bee Stevenson                                                                                                3 referrals

Participation in a Simply Start Mastermind for 3 months                                                                           4 referrals

If they are ready to sign up you can give them this link:
I always connect with every new member and I will ask them who they are referred by. You can also send me a message!


If they want to know more  I want to create time to have a 30 minute call with them. They can use this linkL


  • For an introduction to the mastermind OR if people want to find out of simply start is for them you can give them this special link and I will know they were ferreted by you:

  • …….

Template message


I am part of Simply Start. A global community of coaches I think you might enjoy to be part of.

The goal of this community is to grow and learn from each other and inspiring mentors. Not only to grow as a coach but also to grow your business. Coaches part of the community are all supportive, smart, open hearted and dedicated to growing as a coach.

Manon the founder of the community has a mission to inspire each other not to be held back by saboteurs, imposter voices, fears and doubts while setting up or growing a business. Besides gathering with the community members she invites coaches she thinks will inspire the community to do live coaching sessions with reflections afterwards, to teach classes and more.

If you sign up through a member you get the first month for free.  You could use this link:



If you want to connect with Manon first you can set up a 30 minute call here: