Simply Start.

The place for coaches done overthinking.

Take bold action - but do it together.

weekly inspiration for taking inspired action

Simply Start is a global community of wonderful coaches. It's an inspiring and fun place. A place that inspires you to grow and learn from each other and from mentors. A place where you are invited to celebrate your successes and wins. But also a place where you can share your doubts or where you can share about that coaching session that did not go do well and felt mostly awkward.

When you have or are setting up your own coaching-business your saboteurs, imposter voices, fears and doubts will be there with you!

There will be days you feel like you are doing exactly what you are meant to be doing and there will be days you wonder what the heck you are doing. And rest assured: You don't need another course, training or credential to get started or grow further. All you need to do is start. Clarity and growth comes from action, not overthinking. 

Why go at it alone? 

All so you can own your (coaching) powers every day a little bit more, do you, be the best possible coach you can be and build a sustainable business.


You will be reminded over and over again how powerful (your) coaching is. We have different options for you to join. You can choose to only watch the recordings of our live sessions or you become an active member of the community and live sessions. Or simply subscribe to the newsletter for a weekly dose of inspiration.


"Simply Start is truly one of the more valuable gems in my coaching growth and learning right now. I love being able to watch the demos and reflect. The office hours are so helpful. The people that are in the group are thoughtful, intelligent, rich with experience and diversity of offerings, clearly committed and just so warm and comfortable to be with. Manon's care and dedication and presence are so clear, and her ability to hold a safe, structured, focused yet fluid and open space for learning and reflection are truly impressive. Basically, I love it!"  Natalie Claire (Co-active coach, US)

Simply Start's monthly Live coaching sessions

Our live coaching sessions with reflection afterwards are for many of our members the most popular thing we offer. Every month we invite an experienced coach for a real life coaching session. The coach never has an agenda, does not have to focus on a specific skill or tool. That makes every session wonderful, real and a valuable learning experience. We witness in silence and after the session we reflect on the coaching process. Because they offer such a valuable learning experience we now also offer you a monthly subscription that gives you access to all the recorded coaching sessions. Every month a new session is added. For only 6.99 USD per month! It's better than Netflix!

What our wonderful community says

"I joined this Coaching Circle in its third iteration, and am so glad that I decided to take this step. As a Co-active coach who finished certification just a few years back, and very conscious of how much I learn from practising, I am getting so much from being in a peer coaching group with coaches. I appreciate that we come from the same and other coaching backgrounds, and from many countries and cultures too. There is also something special about this giving and receiving among coaching peers which I am finding rewarding and nourishing as a coach. In our Circle, we meet to coach or be coached and also once a month with the four of us to discuss our experiences and really deepen the learning we are all enjoying. Even with the full and busy lives we all lead, I am getting incredible value from setting aside just a few hours per month to be part of the Coaching Circle and heartily recommend joining in next time. Thank you to Kseniya and Manon!"


Karen Buchanan (Certified Co-active coach, Germany) Participated in a coaching circle

Hi, I am Manon.


After lots of overthinking I realised there was only one solution to my  overthinking: simply starting. The entrepreneurial journey has been and still is my biggest life and learning school. If you want to meet the imposters in your head, start your own business! I created Simply Start because I want to create an inspiring, fun and 'real' place where you can find inspiration, connect with wonderful coaches from all over the world  so you can own your (coaching) powers every day a little bit more and build a sustainable business.

I see that coaches are just like me; very good at analysing, going deep (and a bit deeper) and overthinking. They are often very good at seeing other peoples powers and cheering other people on but do not fully own their own yet.


INSPIRED Action is the Cure!