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Weekly Hot-Seats

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Take bold action - but do it together.

Join me for the weekly Hot-Seat sessions!

Stop overthinking. Let's make things simple and fun again.

weekly inspiration for taking inspired action

Hi, I am Manon

Many people think I was born with an entrepreneurial spirit. Well, maybe I was, but that soon got buried under a lot of conditioning, fears and limiting beliefs. I had to overcome a lot of those

to get out of my own way and to start my first business. At one point you realise there is only one way to get on the other side of a dream, big or small: right through it. Only action will get you on the other side.

The entrepreneurial journey has taught me so much more about myself than any school or course ever did. If you want to meet your saboteurs and fears: start your own business! But it also lets me thrive, be and do more 'me' than anything else in the world and do exactly the things that brings me  joy.


I started the entrepreneurial journey looking for answers outside of myself, looking at how other people do it. This can be (and sometimes still is) a wonderful inspiration but as I grew and my business grew I came to realise your business only works if you do it your way, if you find your voice and if you make your own mistakes. If there is even such a thing as mistakes!

With Simply Start I discovered my own superpower. With my highly intuitive nature combined with my very pragmatical and entrepreneurial way of thinking I can quickly pinpoint the underlying cause of what us going on but I don’t just provide  clarity. I make it pragmatic and after a session with me people will always walk away with concrete tools and advise to take things forward. I help Simplify things and you will walk away feeling excited about your next steps in stead of overwhelmed


The Simply Start  community is an inspiring, fun and 'real' place where you can find inspiration, connect with wonderful people from all over the world and connect with the best and authentic mentors. The ones that walk the talk and want nothing more than for you to succeed as well.

I tam not 'done' and I will never will be. Imposter syndrome might never leave me.


I take you on my own journey, we are in this together!

"Simply Start is truly one of the more valuable gems in my coaching growth and learning right now. I love being able to watch the demos and reflect. The office hours are so helpful. The people that are in the group are thoughtful, intelligent, rich with experience and diversity of offerings, clearly committed and just so warm and comfortable to be with. Manon's care and dedication and presence are so clear, and her ability to hold a safe, structured, focused yet fluid and open space for learning and reflection are truly impressive. Basically, I love it!"  Natalie Claire (Co-active coach, US)

Join Weekly Hotseat!

Everyone is welcome and every week I invite 1 or 2 people to take the hot-seat. I invite you to tell me what’s going on. I am fully present and tune in with you and we dive into what is going on until we find it and it lands with you. We don’t just identify it and create that clarity.  I am there to Simplify things and you will walk away feeling excited about your next steps in stead of overwhelmed.


You can join as an observer but I encourage and invite you to take the hotseat! I can do this with you if:

  • You allow me to be completely honest with you and to use my intuition.

  • You feel invited to be fully open and honest with me.

  • I have no judgement whatsoever but will always share what I sense/feel/see/think.

  • You are open to creating some magic together ✨

Currently Hot-seat sessions are every:

- Wednesday at 10am CET 

- Friday at 10am CET