Simply Start.

The place for coaches done overthinking.

Take bold action - but do it together.

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for taking inspired action

Whether you know deep down exactly what you actually want to be doing or you don't have the faintest idea, you know you are not doing what you heart desires right now. Or not enough of it yet. One thing will definitely not get you closer to whatever makes you light up: (over)thinking it. 

You DO NOT need more thinking or analysing to get clarity. You also do not need more trainings or knowledge. Nope. All you need is action. Simple small aligned action. And sometimes a little bit of guts.


I am here to make the big things small, do-able and fun. You only need to be bold enough to take action.

For coaches and anyone else who feels ready.


I will help you:

  • Get out of that head into inspired ACTION: Creating small actionable steps that feel FUN and EXCITING.

  • Get to the ESSENCE of you and what you want to do: Doing YOU

  • Help you believe that you CAN do anything.

  • Experience the power fo COMMUNITY: having an inspiring group of likeminded people makes it all the more FUN

It does not matter what you do, where you come from as long as you are willing to listen to what really wants to come out and are bold enough to take action. And are willing to have me as a loving kick in the but. 

For the first time things do not feel like a 'must-do' or a Mount-Everest of tasks! Now I am looking forward to it. 

Laviana Frantzen / Hormone Therapist,


For our coaches:
Next Mastermind is coming up!

Imagine a place that inspires you to fully expand yourself, stretch yourself, challenge yourself and take action. The mastermind is such a wonderful place to be surrounded by like-minded inspiring coaches.

 Not only that: it will definitely get you into aligned action! 

Join the community

Simply Start is a supportive global and growing community of like minded people. Conscious, down to earth and not willing to settle for 'good enough' when it comes to their hearts desires.


It's an inspiring, fun, trustworthy and authentic place. A place to connect, network and grow together and learn from each other and inspiring mentors. From all over the world that want you to succeed as well! 


So, you can own your powers create a business from within. A business that aligns with what you want to bring to the world.

What you get:

  • Monthly live coaching session + reflection with and experienced coach. So that you can deepen your (understanding of) coaching skills by watching and reflecting on seeing other coaches coach.

  • Private community group to foster more connection and sharing. 

  • Skill share sessions.

  • Weekly virtual office hours with Manon and the rest of the community members. So we can really learn together and help each other grow further! 

  • Monthly 'Ask me anything' online session with an experienced mentor/ coach.

What our wonderful community says

"I joined this Coaching Circle in its third iteration, and am so glad that I decided to take this step. As a Co-active coach who finished certification just a few years back, and very conscious of how much I learn from practising, I am getting so much from being in a peer coaching group with coaches. I appreciate that we come from the same and other coaching backgrounds, and from many countries and cultures too. There is also something special about this giving and receiving among coaching peers which I am finding rewarding and nourishing as a coach. In our Circle, we meet to coach or be coached and also once a month with the four of us to discuss our experiences and really deepen the learning we are all enjoying. Even with the full and busy lives we all lead, I am getting incredible value from setting aside just a few hours per month to be part of the Coaching Circle and heartily recommend joining in next time. Thank you to Kseniya and Manon!"


Karen Buchanan (Certified Co-active coach, Germany) Participated in a coaching circle

Hi, I am Manon.


After lots of overthinking and over-analysing I realised at one point that the only way to deal with saboteurs, procrastinating and overthinking was to simply start... That is the way I started my first business and also the way I started building Simply Start. I love working with coaches because when they come together it creates great power and the most wonderful supportive community.


I see that coaches are just like me; very good at analysing, going deep (and a bit deeper) and overthinking. They are often very good at seeing other peoples powers and cheering other people on but do not fully own their own yet.


And that is why I created Simply Start: an inspiring, fun, trustworthy and authentic place. A place for coaches to connect, grow together and learn from each other and inspiring mentors. So, coaches can own their (coaching) powers and build a sustainable business.


INSPIRED Action is the Cure!